Thursday, March 19, 2020

Doctor Essays

Doctor Essays Doctor Essay Doctor Essay Antonym Persuasive Devices Friend, Romans, Countrymen Lend me your ears. (Act 3 seen 2) Antonym says this to try to get the people to listen to him while he was giving his funeral speech. One thing the people did not know was that his speech was to make them do bad things like riot. Throughout Antonyms funeral speech he used many persuasive devices to get people to listen to him some was where pathos, plain folks, and name calling to get people to believe him. In Antonyms speech there is a lot of emotion which is pathos. He showed emotion to get people to believe that he wept for Caesar death. My heart is in the coffin there with Caesar, I must pause till it comes back to me. (Act 3 seen 2) Antonym says this to make the people feel sad because Antonym is crying. By Antonym crying it made the people give in even more to him and believe him and that Brutes was wrong. Another was Antonym persuaded the people to believe him is plain folks. A plain folk is where someone upper class is telling the lower class that they are Just like hem. But, as you know me all, a plain blunt man that love my friends; Anthony said. He said this to make them believe he was Just like them and for them to think that he was their friend and they believed him. This is where they believed everything and was making them angry. The last persuasive device is name calling. Name calling is when someone is saying mean or bad things about another person or product. l fear I wrong the honorable men whose daggers have stabbed Caesar; I do fear it. Throughout Antonyms speech he turns the word honorable around as he said it sarcastically. He was really meaning butchers and traitors. The crowd of people gave into Antonym sarcasm and became irate with the conspirators because they then thought they were murderers. Antonym was very happy with his speech. He got exactly what he wanted. He wanted bad things to happen to the conspirators so he knew he could get the people angry enough to do the dirty work for him. Since the people lent their ears to Antonym, by the end of this speech there was a huge riot.

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