Thursday, November 14, 2019

Interview with a Social Service Manager Essay -- Interview Essays

It is Friday afternoon and I am walking from the bus station towards Dunkin Donuts to meet Regina Borden, the program coordinator of healthy family services of the Catholic Charity. I see white Toyota pulling up in front of me. Behind the steering wheel I see women in her fifties waiving her hand on me very warmly. I new it is her, Regina Borden, the person I am waiting for. Quite short, thin lady with a blond curly hair got out of the car. She walks towards me and shakes my hand. " I could have invited you to my office, but actually I manage three organizations, so I have three offices, and I exactly didn't know in which one I would be this afternoon, so I thought it would be the best just to meet you here. Is that ok?" said Borden. We walked into Dunkin Donuts and ordered two cups of tea. Borden seemed very indecisive in picking up the table where to sit. She seemed to look for the right one, the one with the right energy, the most comfortable one for both of us. As soon as we set down she apologizes for wearing such a casual dress with an explanation that she mostly works on the road, so she tries to stay comfortable at all the time. After her first, elegant sip of tea Borden told me about two other organizations she manages. Except working as a program coordinator of healthy family services, she is also a coordinator for a home based parenting literacy program as well as a yoga instructor in a healthy club. Borden, who has a master in psychology says. "I have always known what I want to do already at the university, where I was involved in many activities like assisting professors with a psychology researches, or assisting private psychologists in the hospitals" She characterizes herself a... ... After she says more seriously that she would like to see more money for the program and have better resources. She is also planning to have her own program with her own alternative ways. At the end I was curious how she reveals all the stress that she has to deal with many times. Borden looked at me with her deep eyes and says with her calming quiet voice. "I practice yoga and I also reveal my stress throughout the art therapy, which I also practice at home with my children as well." It is 9 pm and Borden is ready to go for another meeting. She gently throws away her empty cup from tea and holds the door for me to get outside. We shake our hands and Borden is slowly walking back towards her car. Before she opens the car door she turns and with an honest smile on her face says: " If you want to I would give you a ride back to the bus station."

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