Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Personal Statement Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 27

Personal Statement - Essay Example My interest in law stems from the fact the law seems to be a living, breathing, and ever evolving part of human life and our ever changing society. Laws of the past often get amended and rewritten in order to fit better into the needs of the new generation. Such examples can be seen in the way that our laws have changed pertaining to immigration, capital punishment, and even medical law related concerns. I saw these examples come to life as I participated in the Global Youth Leader Conference in the US. Cases such as the hugely controversial MegaUpload shutdown have gotten me to thinking about how our international laws become muddled by the advent of the internet and country laws are no longer limited to simply their home country for enforcement. This is a judicial controversy that I have frowned upon for some time now as I believe it shows the lack of respect on the part of international law enforcement for the individuals who are citizens of autonomous countries. Aside from an interest in technology related judicial questions, I am also quite interested in fighting for the human rights of those who cannot speak for themselves. People such as Terri Schiavo have served as an inspiration to me in terms of the legal question of the right to die. She had lived a long, but suffering life filled with artificial methods of prolonging life while our judicial system played God and decided who had the right to order her death or if that was the proper action to take. The legal questions within the 11 court cases pertaining to the aforementioned case has always fascinated me and I have always wanted to have an opportunity to study the case on a more scrutinized basis and hopefully, help to repeal â€Å"Terris Law† as it allows the government too much power to decide in what should always remain a personal, family matter. Throughout my life, my legal mind has been influenced by the work

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