Monday, November 4, 2019

Summary Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 5

Summary - Assignment Example Despite being poor in economies of scale, the firm has managed to post the highest profit with no harm to the phone brand. The general core competences of Apple are based on focus on people and their spending patterns. Others include development of operating system, graphical software, innovative technological design and the display system. However, specific iPhone core competences are on their operating system, high quality imaging applications, high resolution displays, innovative design, strong supplier market and multi-tasking ability of one phone. Despite many successes that Apple has witnessed, it still faces a number of threats such as the death of Steve Jobs, the HP slate, Google Chrome OS, its lawsuits, Microsoft’s smartphones and the increase Android rise. The mobile phone device has in the recent past to date emerged as the fast paced technology and a basic requirement in America irrespective of the fact that not many people were attracted to it when it was first rolled out in the year 1982. This was triggered by its high price and the bulkiness of the initial models. However, it has become one of the mostly widely accepted technologies all over the world. We have also emerged with a new idea of creating iPhone which was triggered by multitasking ability. This is to be in favor of generation Y is the most technologically savvy. Developing a see-through cell phone will provide a great incentive to multitasking aspect of an iPhone in such a way that one can text and walk at the same time with minimal distraction. Such a model can be viewed in Students at Penn University conducted a study which proved that the cell phone company was in the early mature stage as result of competition from smartphone firms. The main concern for Apple is how it will protect its market share while at the same time generating high revenue. Apple

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